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Absorbent Draining Mat

Absorbent Draining Mat

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Discover the authenticity and innovation in our kitchen essentials.. Crafted from high-quality faux velveteen and rubber materials, our kitchen drain pad boasts durability, softness, and foldable convenience. Its splash proof design swiftly absorbs water splashes and coffee spills, effortlessly maintaining the cleanliness of your countertops. Furthermore, it aids in draining water from freshly washed tableware, preventing mildew and bacteria while ensuring impeccable hygiene standards. Thanks to its non-slip texture on the back, it securely adheres to your table, preventing any unwanted shifts. Versatile in application, this pad serves not only as a reliable coffee accessory but also as an essential tableware drying pad, perfect for kitchens, bars, and bathrooms. Elevate your kitchen experience  – where quality meets functionality.





Material: Faux velveteen + Rubber
Size: 40*50 cm/15.7*19.7 in

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